ASUS VivoBook X509F – cheapest i3 8th Gen Laptop

ASUS VivoBook X509F - cheapest i3 8th Gen Laptop
       hello everyone and welcome to the video the laptop that i am presenting in this video is ASUS X509F its screen size is 15.6 inches its the cheapest i3 8th Gen laptop that i could find in market it came with 4GB RAM and 1TB HDD but i upgraded the specs to   i Installed 120GB SSD additionally and i added another 4GB RAM to get a total of 8GB i have opened this laptop to show you

ASUS VivoBook X509F – cheapest i3 8th Gen Laptop

what manufacturers are doing to make it cheaper by playing with the internals there’s no heatsink over the CPU they have just installed a fan for show and to blow air over the CPU there’s no heat pipe to conduct heat

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So, its really bad at handling thermals i got it for only INR 30000 / $ 390 USD for raw specs and the total cost after upgrading is around INR 34000 / $ 449 USD its only meant for basic tasks you can surf internet you can do basic documentation using MS Office thats how much it can do if you are going to do anything extra like editing video or like you start doing a bit of gaming this will result in burning your CPU There is no graphics card and the battery performance is also not great battery is very small it comes with a 45W charger after installing SSD,

boot time has reduced drastically you get Window 10 Home preinstalled and that’s a great one thing that i really liked about this laptop is its inbuilt speaker i will play a tune, to show you how impressive is that

if we talk about the ports then one side we are getting charging port, type C port but its not thunderbolt, HDMI and a USB 3.0 on the other side we have a microSD card slot there’s a headphone jack and 2 USB2 ports i recommend this laptop who need a Laptop for very basic purpose or the one looking for chromebooks they can get this Laptop, if they feel more comfortable with Windows than ChromeOS don’t expect a lot from this Rather invest a bit more and skip cheap Laptops like this because you can’t do much it as there is no heat sink and thermal management is really

bad Price mention on the box is INR 39999 / $ 528 i bought two more things along with this this is a DELL wireless mouse and the other is a 4G universal wifi dongle i will be making videos on these seperately if you are interested then you can watch them in my upcoming videos i will suggest you laptops according to your profession and i will help you find the best laptop for you what should be the configuration and which brand suits you better which operating system is for you

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