How To Make No Oven Chocolate Chip Cookies

¬†Hello! Welcome back, or if it is your first time here welcome~ I hope you’ll like this video I never made cookies before because I thought its hard to do, specialy that I’m not good with pastries surprisingly this is easier than convincing your crush to like you carefully follow this steps, first subscribe to my channel, then like this video and last is watch this video till the end the whisk Im using is from the electric mixer, cause my regular whisk is too big thank god my egg curse is gone now,

How To Make No Oven Chocolate Chip Cookies

I now have a masters degree on cracking an egg without the yolk breaking this minion is cute like me stop mixing when the mixture emulsified, it is when the butter, sugar and egg married toggether sift flour, baking powder, and cacao powder. the measurements is in the video if you are actualy paying attention mix this with a cute spatula, I didnt expect this apatula to be this small cause I bought it online,

if you dont have a spatula just use an ugly spoon while crying in the corner I also bought new chopping board and a rolling pin and they are also smaller than I expected.but I kinnda like how cute the chopping board came But the rolling pin when it came I was like “I bought a rolling pin not a wooden d**** what is this!? LMAO”

if you know you know lets go back to the recipe lol, use dark chocolate cause its superior to other kinds of chocolates, in this house we will only use dark chocolate, other chocolates goes straight in the trash 0h wait……..

my makeshift tripod sucks thats why the video is always shaking scoop some of the dough and shape it before I thought that you need to flatten the dough when cooking cookies, it turns out its a ball first before baking it. I know its not the most perfect balls, I’tll just flatten anyways use a non stcik pan or you will end up with cookie crumbs,

just low heat cause we dont want to burn down the house the cookies are soft after cooking but it will harden once it realize that life is harsh when it started to cool down. just like how your heart hardened after your past relationship cools down after letting it cool down transfer it to a cute chopping board. this is the chopping board Im talking about earlier. I swear in photos online it was big I’ll just get some milk cause what else goes well with cookies?

I dont know why I wear sweat shirt today, the weather is so hot its like oven here already in the Philippines we only have 2 climates, hot and VERY HOT The cookie is crispy on the bottom and chewy at the top, its a lot sweeter than I expected it taste like diabetes already why am I looking at this cookie? hmmmmm I realize I need some cookies for thumbnail and this one actualy looks good for it I’ll just eat the uglier one,

but it doesn’t matter cause it will taste the same this milk taste like water because of the sweetness of the cookies Do you want some? maybe if you subscribe I’ll consider giving you some this proves that all you see on the internet is just a lie. SUSBSCRIBE SO I CAN SEND YOU SOME COOKIES

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