Best Smartphones Under 15000 | Top 5

Best Smartphones Under 15000 | Top 5
 Hey, everyone, this is Mohit Devda here andtoday I am going to talk about top 5 smartphones which you can buy under 15k budget segment. In this video, I have included some recentlylaunched smartphones and therefore, you should also check out my previous video of Best smartphonesunder 15000 Rs.
Now before moving on, make sure to get subscribedand hit the bell icon to get notified for all my future videos. Now that you have done that, let’s get started. With the brands like – Moto, Lenovo, Nokiaand Samsung, budget segment is highly competitive but even then also, Xiaomi redmi note 4 clearlystands out. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is undoubtedly the bestsmartphone in this budget and even after so many new launches, it is still the most populardevice for this price. Redmi Note 4 comes with good specificationslike – Snapdragon 625 Octa-core Processor, 2 GB, 3 GB, and 4 GB RAM with 32 and 64 GBstorage options and along with decent cameras at the front and back, you also get a huge4100 mAh battery which can easily last more than a day. So, basically, this smartphone is especiallyfor those who want all the essentials at this budget price and these are some reasons whyyou should consider buying the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. The next smartphone is again from Xiaomi andit’s called Mi A1. MI A1 is made in partnership with Google soyou will be getting best of both worlds. By that I mean to say, you will get Xiaomi’sgreat specs at an affordable price along with stock Android and quick updates. That’s a good combo but Mi A1 is also amongthe few that provides dual cameras in this budget. The specs are almost like the Redmi Note 4except the dual cameras in which the secondary camera act as a telephoto lens to captureportrait shots with bokeh effect. So, this smartphone is especially for thoseusers who don’t like Xiaomi’s heavy custom skin and want a pure stock android with powerfulhardware. These are some pros and cons to look beforebuying the Mi A1 and I have provided the purchase link for every smartphone in the descriptionbelow. The next candidate to the list is the latestentry by Lenovo which is called Lenovo K8 Note. This is also one of the few devices whichoffer dual camera setup in this price segment and hence deserves to be in the top 5 smartphonelist.

Best Smartphones Under 15000 | Top 5

Lenovo has provided MediaTek processor insteadof the Qualcomm Snapdragon but for normal to moderate usage, this is not a deal-breakerat all. The K8 Note also comes with the Pure stockandroid which is always a good thing and you get quick software updates too. The camera performance is decent enough consideringthe price and I hope it will be improved with the future software updates. So, the Lenovo K8 note is especially for thosewho want good performance with dual cameras at a price even lower than the Mi A1.

These are some pros and cons to look at beforebuying the Lenovo K8 Note. Moving on the next one, the next phone isfrom LG and it is always great to get a good looking smartphone at this price. With Q6, LG is trying to provide its fullvision display in this competitive budget but at the cost of losing the fingerprintsensor. Yes, There is no fingerprint sensor providedin the device and alternatively, facial recognition is present which does not work so well.

Other than that, the LG Q6 comes with decentspecifications which are enough to handle normal day-to-day tasks. So, LG Q6 is especially for those who arelooking to get a great looking smartphone and do not want it for heavy usage. These are some reasons why you should andshould not buy this smartphone. The last but not the least is the Moto G5Plus. It is one of the best devices under this budgetand I actually also included this smartphone in my previous video of best smartphones under20000 Rs but after that,

it got a price cut and now it is available for less comparedto its previous price. It is an overall package and provides goodspecifications at this price along with the great camera performance. You get near stock android experience withthe Moto G5 Plus and if you are looking for the best overall device under this budget,then moto g5 plus is definitely the one you should go for. These are some points which you should keepin mind while purchasing the moto g5 plus. So these were my selections under 15k budgetsegment and tell me which smartphone do you like in this budget in the comment sectionbelow.

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