Honor 7X Review With Camera Samples | BEST PHONE UNDER 15,000 INR

Honor 7X Review With Camera Samples | BEST PHONE UNDER 15,000 INR
       Hello Friends Welcome on aamTECH, I am Suhel And Today We’ll Talk About Honor 7X, If You are searching for phone under 15000 INR then Then Please Watch This Full Video of Honor 7X Its A Short and Simple Review of Honor 7X So Let’s Begin, Talking about the design, the design looks cool Also the built quality is very good it does not look like its a budget phone it looks very premium

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I have oppo f5, oneplus and mi A1   if i compare with all this phone, honor 7x looks very attractive I like its design And after honor 7x i like oneplus 5’s design mi A1 is quite bad in terms of design design wise its a very good phone as faar as the color is concerned, the blue model looks good obviously the blue stands out from the crowd as compare to other phones

Honor 7X Review With Camera Samples | BEST PHONE UNDER 15,000 INR

All Ports  are their on Honor 7X Lets Talk about the display the display is very good on this one its a 5.93 inches display Its very handy to handle and easily you can handle with one hand just by a single hand at first you’ll face some problems but then its okay but yeah you can manage with one hand you wont see any problem talking about the display quality display is very vibrant its good if used for gaming and movies and you’ll love this display and in outdoor conditions you wont notice any problem you can clearly read display content under the sun light you can chat directly under the sun light

lets talk about hardware and performance definitely its a very good phone talking about the hardware you get 4GB RAM, 32 and 64GB storage on honor 7x     i have a 128GB model which is not yest released in india talking about the performance of honor 7x then the peformance is very good it can easily run all games you can play all kinds of heavy games on Honor 7X you wont notice any lags yes you can observe some frame drops but thats okay it happens on high graphics game specially in asphalt 8 airbourne its runs fine on average settings then definitely its very good phone You Can Play All Heavy Games Without Any Problem Games Will Run No Matter What You Play I dont think you’ll see any problem due to wide display this one is very good

Plus point on honor 7sx is its display and performance Heating issue is not present on this one its heats less as compared to mi a1 it doesnt heat that much   so yeah its a plus point talking about the software you gest android 7.1 on honor 7x very soon you’ll get android oreo update you get EMUI 5.1 User Interface i think its a fluid interface   if we compare this one with MIUI 9, EMUI EMUI 5.1 is very good its very easy and smooth too use   additional features like multi window and all is present   which is a very good thing of honor 7x interface is very smooth and fluid there is problem on youtube app of this phone actually thats a youtube app issue let me tell you that blackout thing on this phone is due to the youtube app, its not your phone problem if you dont know let me tell you on honor 7x theres a issue of display getting black while video streaming that blackout thing is a bug of youtube app for this phone thats a youtube issue dont worry i guess you get it itll be fine in next update let me clear you its not a phone issue some users asked me so i said so there is no issue in honor 7x that’s a youtube problem, simply just use chrome browser

camera is a main feature of this phone and kept camera on ths last cause i know its a important feature i feel cameras on honor 7x are very good as compared to mi a1 mi a1 is also very good there is no issue i liked camera of honor 7x specially for low light if youll do some adjustment it’ll perform good   and yes i liked its camera talking about selfies selfie do come out very good all your shots are very good yeah bokeh effect   both cameras are very good they do perform very good in videos as well you also get some filters and all in camera app so yes definitely the camera is very good i don’t think camera is bad on this one many youtubers are complaining about its camera etc etc and all but thats okay its their opinion but i think its a very good camera phone so do wait for more improvements so for the time camera is very good on Honor 7X specially in low light talking about the battery of this phone you get an 3340mAh battery battery backup is very good on this one it lasted for around one two days i used honor 7x as my primary phone instead of oneplus 5

i got 18-20 hours battery backup on honor 7x it lasts more in power saving mode its performs very good its a good phone for battery backup charging is a issue it takes around two and half hours to charge it full but i think they should have gave fast battery charging which is not present on this one i dont know why now coming to the question should you buy honor 7x ? i think yes definitely you can go with 32GB or 64GB, but i think 32GB is good for you thats also very good cause there is no compromise in ram dont pay 3000 INR extra for Honor 7X     32GBModel is good you should buy 32gb honor 7x its a very good phone if you want then do buy honor 7x if you compare this one with mi a1 then this is good mi a1 doesnt have 18:9 display which is a very bad thing also the display is very bad on mi a1 thats problem with mi a1 if display is your priority then definitely honor 7x is best for you   well yes thats it for today thank you so much if you have any questions you can ask us and please do subscribe aamTECH everyday ill bring good content for you and ill also post one video on mi a1 vs honor 7x if you want to watch mi a1 vs honor 7x yes follow us if you’re watching this video on uc news subscribe us if you’re watching this video on youtube and yes thats it for today thank you so much

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