Alright, let’s get going, six little tricksto use in the kitchen. First off take a hardboiled egg, place itin a jar, add a little bit of water to cover, then you just place your hand over the jarand shake it like mad. Once you’re done which is pretty soon just take the egg outand the shell is basically falling off the boiled egg. It’s that easy to remove.Alright trick number five, staying on the same shaking idea, this is a garlic bulb andI’m just going to place it in a jar and again shake like mad. Okay once you’ve donethat for a little bit then you just pop it out and you just remove some of the husksbecause they’ll get in the way later. Once you remove the husks just put all these garliccloves back inside, put the lid back on and again shake like crazy. Keep shaking, justcarry on shaking and now you just pop it out and all the skins have separated from thecloves. You can just pick them away and put them to one side.


Then you’ve got thesebeautiful little garlic cloves, any of the skins that are still on you can put them inthe jar and shake again or just easily pull it off, very easily like that.Okay trick number four, take a kiwi, slice it in half then take a glass, press the glassinto the corner of the kiwi and then up against the back of the skin all the way up untilthe skin is completely removed in one go. There we go, now you’ve got half a kiwiperfectly peeled—that easy.

Ras Malai Recipe

You can also do the same with mangos.Now trick number three, take a banana and a sewing needle and then you just want totake the sewing needle and push it in through one of the corners and then just slide iton the inside cutting the inside of the banana, just like that. And then you just move itdown a couple centimeters and do another cut, and then move it down a couple more centimetersand do another cut again and you continue all the way down the spine of the banana untilyou reach the bottom. And then I suggest you do not open it yourself but to hand it overto a friend so they can open it and make sure they didn’t see you doing this. All they’llsee is some dots going across the side of the banana, but to their amazement when theyopen it, it will be cut into slices because there’s some kind of black magic or something,who knows.

It’s surely going to fascinate and amaze whoever you show it to.Alright trick number two, take a paprika or a red bell pepper and you slice the top off.Then you slice the bottom off, and here I’m going to show you how to efficiently cut thispaprika and break it down. Just slice into the side just like this and then remove thecore by disconnecting the main connector tissues from the inside, just those three struts.Then place your core on the side, then flip over the outer skin of the paprika and sliceit into thin slices just like this.

Once you’ve done that then just take the top, you canremove this little green part on the top of the paprika by just pressing on the back withyour thumbs and popping out just like this, and then you just simply take the top partand slice it again in thin slices. You take now the bottom and also slice that in slices,just like this. Then you’ve got all this flesh that you can use with most of the paprika,and you have the extra little core bits, the most efficient way to cut it.Now for the final trick, trick number one. You just take a knife and a potato and youput them together and twirl the potato around while you cut into the skin just softly ina circular motion. Then you take it and you cook it like you normally would.

Now by cookingthe skin with the potato you actually infuse the potato with more flavor because most ofthe flavor of the potato is actually in the skin so you get more potato mash, and onceyou’ve cooked it you can just pull the skin off just like this and it’s so much moreefficient, you don’t waste any potato and it’s much quicker than peeling it.END

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