How To Earn Money From Amazon ? @ 2021

How To Earn Money From Amazon

How To Earn Money From Amazon ? –  If you are an unemployed and are looking for employment, today your search will end here.  Today in this article we will tell you how to earn money from Amazon?  After knowing this, you can earn thousands of rupees per day from Amazon.  You can do a part time job to earn money from Amazon.  Today there are many people in our country who are earning a lot of rupees per day using Amazon.

What Is Amazon ?

To make money from Amazon, you must know what is Amazon?  If you don’t know what is amazon?  So for your information, tell me that Amazon is a type of e-commerce store.  It is the largest e-commerce store in the world.  You can do online shopping using Amazon.  If you want to order any product sitting at home, then Amazon is a good option for this.

How To Earn Money From Amazon

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You can easily order any item of clothes, grocery, mobile accessories, electronic gadgets using Amazon.  Amazon is a very reliable e-commerce website.  Millions of people order their products daily using Amazon.  Amazon is a completely free application, you do not have to pay any fee to use this application.

After ordering from Amazon, your parcel is sent to your home. You can make your payment by cash on delivery or online payment  in Amazon.

Till now people used Amazon only for online shopping.  Because they did not know how to make money from Amazon.  After reading this article today, you will be able to earn money along with shopping from Amazon.

How To Earn Money From Amazon ?

For your information, tell us that there are many such methods in Amazon, which you can use to earn money online.  Today we will tell you two ways to earn money from Amazon.  Both these methods are fantastic and by using them you can earn thousands of rupees.

Amazon is a reliable platform, so there is no problem in not getting paid.  If you work on Amazon, you will definitely get money.  You get a lot of money in exchange for working on Amazon.  This money is sent to your account.

Below are two method to earn money from Amazon.  You can earn money from Amazon by following this.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the first way to earn money from Amazon.  You can earn a lot of money by using affiliate marketing.  If you do not know about affiliate marketing, then for your information, tell you affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing.  Amazon gives facility affiliate marketing to sell its products.

Amazon is an application and cannot sell its product door-to-door.  That’s why Amazon hires workers to affiliate marketing.  These workers sell Amazon products.  Follow the steps given below to do affiliate marketing.

To earn money from affiliate marketing, you have to open your smart phone browser.

In the browser, you have to open the official website of Amazon.

Now you will see an option called Affiliate Marketing on your screen.  You have to click on this option.

Now you have to create your account in Amazon affiliate marketing program.  You can create an account with some simple steps.  Creating an account in Amazon is very easy

Now you will see a lot of products on your screen.  Select the product you want to affiliate marketing.

Now you will get an affiliate link related to the product that you have selected.

Now you have to share this affiliate link through your Facebook WhatsApp Instagram or other social media platforms and ask people to buy the product.

Now whenever someone will click on the link you have shared and buy the product, Amazon will give you commission in exchange for it.  This commission will be sent to your account.  The higher the price of the product, the more commission you will receive.

By Delivery Product

As you know, you get delivery facility in Amazon.  If you order a product from Amazon, then this product is delivered to your home.  Now you may be wondering who delivers this product at home.  A lot of delivery buoys work in Amazon.  This delivery boy ships your product to your home.  If you want to do a part time job then you can become a delivery boy in Amazon.  Follow the steps given below to become a delivery boy in Amazon.

You have to go to the nearest Amazon office in your city.

Going to the office, you have to talk to the District Incharge of Amazon and ask to be a delivery boy.

From Office you will get an application form.  In this application form, you have to fill all your information.

For your identity, you also have to submit Identity Proof and Police Verification Certificate.

Now you will be asked for paper related to your bike, you have to submit the paper related to your bike.

If all your papers are correct and you qualify then you will be given a job as an Amazon delivery boy.  And you can make money by delivering the product.


Today in this article we told you how to earn money from Amazon?  We hope you liked this information.  If you liked this information, then let us know by commenting.  Share this article with your friends .  Thank you very much for your valuable time.

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