How to Change Facebook Messenger Notification Sound and Ringtone ?

How to Change Facebook Messenger Notification Sound and Ringtone

How to Change Messenger Notification Sound and Ringtone? – Friends, in this article today, we are going to give you information on a very important topic. Today we are going to tell you how to change the notification sound of Facebook Messenger? How to change Facebook Messenger ringtone? If you want to get this fun information, then read our article till the last. We will tell you some easy steps. You can change Facebook Messenger notifications and ringtone songs by following these steps.

You will all know about Facebook Messenger. I am sure all of you will be using Facebook Messenger. Today, all the people who use Facebook, they all use Messenger. Today, crores of people across the world are chatting online with a lot of people daily using Messenger.

We are given a lot of features in Messenger. Using Messenger, we can do a lot of chatting with any of our friends, send a photo video or a document to anyone. If we want to send our location to someone, then messenger also provides permission to send the location.

A default sound is provided to us by Facebook Messenger. Whenever someone makes a message on our Facebook Messenger or makes an audio call or video call on Messenger, we hear the default ringtone. Just like our phone has a ringtone, in the same way the messenger also has a ringtone of its own. We all get bored hearing this one default ringtone every day. We all wish we could change the ringtone of our messenger.

What is Facebook Messenger ?

Before we tell you how to change messenger notification sound? How to change messenger ringtone? Before that you should know what is Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is a part of Facebook. When we want to make an online video call or audio call with a friend of Facebook or send a message to someone, then we have to use Messenger. Messenger is completely controlled by Facebook. We do not need to create a separate account to use Messenger. We can use Messenger only with the help of Facebook account.

If we can explain you in simple language, then Facebook and Messenger are both different applications but both of them are attached. A few years ago, when we used to talk to a friend on Facebook, we did not need any other application. We could talk to friends only through Facebook. Messenger was discontinued a few years ago by Facebook. Now you have to use Messenger to talk to someone.

How to Change Facebook Messenger Notification Sound and Ringtone ?

Now we are going to tell you not to waste your time, Facebook Messenger notification is sound and how to change the ringtone? Below we are going to tell you some easy steps. You can change Facebook Messenger notifications and sound ringtones by following these steps.

First of all, you have to download Facebook Messenger application from Google Play Store. If you have an Already Messenger application download in your phone, then you update it.

Now you have to open the Messenger application.

When you reach the home screen of the Messenger application, you will see the profile option on the screen. You have to click on the profile option.

Now you have to scroll down a little bit. Below you will see the Song and notification option. You have to click on the sound and notification option.

Now a notification sound option will appear on your screen. You have to click on the notification sound option. Now you can see a lot of sound. You can select any of these sounds.

Now your messenger’s notification sound has changed. What you have selected will be set as sound notification.

Now you have to click on the back button. On the screen you can see a ringtone option. You have to click on the ringtone option.

Now you will see a lot of ringtones on the screen again. You can click on your favorite ringtone. Doing so will change the ringtone of your messenger. Whenever someone calls you on Messenger you will hear another ringtone.

The Conclusion

In this way, you can change the notification sound and ringtone of your messenger by following the easy steps mentioned above. Hope you like this information. If you like this information, share it with your friends. Today in this article, we told you how to change the sound notification and ringtone of Messenger? Thank you very much for reading the article till the last.

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